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Planning Your Experience

Handicap Accessible Tours

At The Tour Guy, we are committed to providing enriching travel experiences for all our guests. For those with mobility concerns, we understand the unique challenges that may arise when exploring historical sites and landmarks. In our effort to make

How long is my experience?

The duration of every experience varies but can be found next to the clock icon near the top of every experience page. Look directly below the blue subtitle for the time displayed in hours. It between the walking description (foot prints) and the loc

Is there a dress code?

Embarking on an unforgettable European tour? Whether you're exploring historic landmarks, indulging in cultural delights, or marveling at architectural wonders, your attire can play a role in ensuring a seamless and respectful experience. While there

Should I tip my guide?

Tipping practices can vary across European countries, and understanding the customary norms can enhance your travel experience. While tipping is not always as expected or significant as in some other regions, expressing gratitude for good service is

Can I bring my children to Rome?

Traveling with children requires careful planning and finesse, and at The Tour Guy, we want to ensure that your family's experience in Rome is both enjoyable and tailored to fit the needs of your entire family.  Here are some of our essential tips fo

Can I bring my children to Florence?

Embarking on a family adventure to Florence? At The Tour Guy,  we're dedicated to making your experience in this enchanting city both delightful and family-friendly. Here are some essential tips for an unforgettable journey with your little ones:. Ex

Can I bring my children to Paris?

Embarking on a family adventure to Paris? At The Tour Guy, we're committed to ensuring your experience in this captivating city is not only delightful but also family-friendly. Here are some essential tips for an unforgettable journey with your littl

What is the Wishlist and how do I use it?

Embarking on your dream journey is now more seamless than ever with our user-friendly 'My Wishlist' feature. Designed to enhance your trip planning experience, this tool allows you to curate a personalized collection of your favorite tours. In this g

What is the maximum group size?

The maximum group size is indicated under the available start times for the tour. It's essential to be aware that, on occasion, this figure may be subject to change due to extenuating circumstances. While we make every effort to adhere to the specifi

Do I need travel insurance?

Unforeseen circumstances can disrupt travel plans. While we offer a flexible cancellation policy, unexpected events and delays can still occur. This is why we highly recommend securing travel insurance to provide an added layer of protection and peac