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How to sign up for commissionUpdated a month ago

Are you a license travel agent, advisor, or affiliate? We'd love to work with you and offer competitive commission on tours for your clients. Here's how to easily sign up for commission through our Partners at ShareASale.

Filling out the application itself will take about 5-7 minutes. Once the application is complete, our team reviews it and will send you an email notification upon approval. 

2. Create your username, password and select your country of residence.

Carefully create your username, it cannot be changed after you move on to step 2. Your password, however, can be changed once your account is approved.

3. List your  website and answer a few questions about it.

For travel agents, this could your unique website for your business or part of a wider network such Travel Leaders, Cruises Only, Vacations to Go, etc. 

4. Add your primary email address

You have two options here: Standard and Fast Track. If you have it, we recommend choosing the Fast Track option. If you have an email address at the domain you list in the last step, you are eligible for Fast Track. For example, [email protected] (Fast Track) vs. [email protected] (Standard). In either option, your application will still be reviewed, but with Fast Track you will be approved much faster!

5. Tell us about yourself and your website!

This includes mailing address, plus a spot to write a small description of your site and agency. This should be anything that might help The Tour Guy make a decision about an application to join our program.

The support phone pin is a security feature designed to protect the account and ensure that only authorized individuals (you) can access sensitive information or make account-related changes.

6. Select your payment method

Our partners at ShareASale allow payments to be processed in by Check via Postal Mail, Check via FedEx or Direct Deposit. Choose the best one for you! Don't worry because you can always update your payment preferences later.

7. Read and agree to the ‘User Terms of Agreement’

8. Check your email for a confirmation link

Our approval process can take between 1-3 days, depending on your application.  Keep your eye out for an email from ShareASale stating that your application has been approved or declined.

9. Click the confirmation link.

The email that you receive from ShareASale for application approval will include a confirmation link.  Click on that link and follow the directions to verify and finish up your application.

10. Check a few more boxes, then Finalize!

Verify that you’ve read & agreed to our terms and conditions and then click the final box before being taken to your Affiliate account.

11. Spread the Word and Star Booking!

Now you have access to all the features of ShareASale and can begin using the creative resources and links to receive commission. 

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