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What is the Game Pass or Digital Pass for the Paris Olympics?Updated a month ago

The Game Pass, Digital Pass, or Pass Jeux is a QR code required to travel to certain areas of Paris, secured for the Olympic opening ceremony between July 18 and 26th, 2024. 

Who needs the Game Pass?  

The digital pass applies to every person over the age of 13. It is free to obtain and individual. You cannot give another person a digital pass that you have obtained for your own use. 

If you're joining a tour with The Tour Guy in Paris between July 18th and 26th, you'll need to apply for a pass. All Paris tours will require the pass with the exception of our Versailles or Montmartre Food, which do not enter zones that require the Digital Pass. 

How do I get my Digital Pass?

To obtain your digital pass, you must apply on the pass-games platform. If you're joining a tour with The Tour Guy, you'll likely want to apply for the "Pass Jeux (Visitor) - Reservation within the perimeter." 

You will be asked for: 

  • A copy of a proof of identity. We recommend using your passport for international visitors. 

  • A photo of yourself.

  • Depending on your situation, proof of residence, temporary accommodation, work or visit in the area (museum, restaurant, show booking...). If you're joining a tour with us, this will be a copy of your voucher

How long does it take to get my Digital Pass?  

The QR code will not be issued to you immediately and can take upwards of 7 days to receive. Once approved, the pass will be sent to you by email. You can display your pass on your phone or present a printed copy.

Do I need a Digital Pass for tours with The Tour Guy?  

If your Paris travel date falls between July 18th – 26th, you will need to apply for a digital pass.

You can use your confirmation voucher to apply on the pass-games platform

Tours of Versailles or our Montmartre Food tour do not require a digital pass during this period.  

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