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What do I do if I missed my tour?Updated 2 months ago

We understand that unexpected situations can arise, leading to missed tour opportunities. If you find yourself in this scenario, fret not. This guide outlines the steps to take if you miss your scheduled tour, along with insights into our cancellation policy and recommendations for a smoother resolution. 

1. Understanding the Cancellation Policy: 

Before delving into the steps for missed tours, familiarize yourself with our Cancellation Policy and Terms & Conditions. Our standard policy typically requires a 24-hour notice for small group tour cancellations and 7 days for private tours. Some tours, such as Colosseum Tours, have Special Conditions and a Special Cancellation Policy. Please review the terms associated with your specific tour to ensure accurate information. 

2. File a Claim with Travel Insurance: 

In the event of a missed tour, we recommend filing a claim with your travel insurance provider. Most travel insurance policies cover unforeseen circumstances leading to trip interruptions, including missed activities. Be sure to provide all necessary documentation, such as proof of the missed tour and any supporting details. We can provide any documentation they may require from us.  

While missing a tour is undoubtedly disappointing, taking proactive steps can help navigate the situation more effectively. Remember to review our cancellation policy, file a claim with your travel insurance, and reach out to our customer support team for assistance. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in these situations and hope your future travel experiences are smooth and memorable. Safe travels! 

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