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Why am I seeing different prices on a tour?Updated 4 months ago

When planning your travel adventures, you might have noticed that the cost of a tour varies depending on the date you choose or when you book. Here's a comprehensive guide to help you understand why tour prices fluctuate and how it can impact your overall experience. 

Exclusive Offers and Discounts by Date Range 

We offer exclusive discounts or promotions during specific dates as part of seasonal sales or special occasions. Booking during these periods can result in great savings. 

On our website, tours with a discounted rate will appear on the calendar with a blue dot.  

ou will also note that it says ‘as low as...’ with the discounted price.  

If you are selecting a travel date that is during peak travel season, the discount will not apply, and the price will reflect as normal cost.  

You can see that here: 

Fluctuations in Exchange Rate 

Our tours are priced in Euro and charged in USD. This means that the USD price is subject to change based on the daily exchange rate. We recommend booking right away if there is a tour you are interested in.  By doing so, not only do you ensure your reservation for the desired tour, but you also lock in the USD price at the time of booking. This approach safeguards you from potential fluctuations and allows you to plan and budget for your trip with confidence. As our tours are popular and can fill up quickly, acting promptly not only guarantees your spot but also provides you with the advantage of a stable and fixed USD price for your selected experience. 

Understanding the factors influencing tour pricing based on dates allows you to make informed decisions and plan your travel budget effectively. Whether you're looking for a unique experience during a special event or aiming to save on costs during off-peak times, being aware of these dynamics ensures a smoother and more enjoyable travel planning process.

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